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Napoli metro stations.

New art on the underground.




Metro Napoli Art Stations offer a unique experience to both regular commuters and chance travellers. The city’s metro lines 2 and 6 house together more than 180 works of art by 90 of the best-known contemporary artists, This open dynamic museum is under the artistic direction of the Italian art critic and curator Achille Bonito Oliva.


For more information on Napoli art stations, visit Metro Napoli website (guides available here)



Garibaldi Station - Piazza Garibaldi

The futuristic Garibaldi Station bears the signature of the famous French architect Dominique Perrault. It houses two installations of Michelangelo Pistoletto, both inspired to the concepts of transparency and brightness. This station is accessible through a complex system of crossing escalators, covered in mirrors to reflect the natural light passing through the glass ceiling.

At the bottom of the escalators, some reflective steel panels show imaginary passengers on the way, blurring with the real ones passing through.




Università Station - Piazza Borsa

Welcome to the new digital age. This station, renovated by the Canadian designer and interior architect Karim Rashid, is an overwhelming explosion of modern shapes and colours.

Sculptures and graphic artworks line the escalators, leading to platforms with backlit patterns on the walls. Two abstracted portraits of Dante and Beatrice follow the commuters descending and ascending the stairwells on each respective platform. The sparkling lime and pink point the way and guide the commuters to their destination.




Toledo Station - Via Toledo

Designed by the Spanish architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca, Toledo station was built at 50 meters below the ground water and is the deepest metro station built on Line 1 to date. The station is inspired to the themes of water and light, including two mosaics designed by the South African artist William Kentridge and realised by Neapolitan craftsmen.

In 2013, Toledo Station was celebrated as Public Building of the Year in the category Transport & Infrastructure of the Emirates Glass LEAF Awards.




Materdei Station - Piazza Scipione Ammirato

Designed by Atelier Mendini, Materdei Station opened in 2003, bringing new life and prestige to Piazza Scipione Ammirato, which was transformed into a pedestrian area with green spaces and works of arts, such as the bronzed Carpe Diem sculpture by Luigi Serafini and Lucio Del Pezzo’s ceramics. 

The ramp leading to the lower level passes underneath Luigi Ontani’s mosaics with ceramic reliefs, representing fantastic sea creatures and the traditional mask of Pulcinella.

Both platforms are enriched by the coloured silkscreens panel designed by Mathelda Balatresi, Anna Gili, Stefano Giovannoni, Robert Gliglorov, Denis Santachiara, Innocente and George Sowden.




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